J Lynne Stewart, B.Sc. MBA


Strategies for Staying in Balance

Understanding your own unique and best approach to getting fit, healthy and staying in balance can go be the key to staying committed to a healthy lifestyle.  In this seminar, clients will learn more about what forms of fitness, meditation and diet resonate best for them, what leaves them feeling energized and balanced, and what form of fitness challenges, builds strength without depleting.  The strategies and lifestyle approach that feels right for you will also support more efficient weight management and energy and benefit your overall physical and emotional health.  Seminar will include restorative and breathing techniques to find balance, including meditation and mindfulness practices, a review of eating styles and how they resonate with different seasons and individual types, and bring to light an awareness on how best to structure your day for health, wellbeing and success!

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Program between 1 - 3 sessions of 55 Minutes

Ideally between 8 - 12 participants

$350+hst per session (2 Sessions for $500)  (includes workbook, assessment, and simple program outline)

Pricing can be negotiated based on smaller or larger groups, or on a per person basis.

Posture for Health

Posture is the game changer for health, energy, emotional health and strength, metabolism, and muscle tone.   Ultimately we are responsible for our movement and posture strategies and habits throughout the day and our life.  This seminar will introduce the simple but effective postural strategies that we once knew, and now need to find our way back to.  In this seminar we will introduce a broader understanding of how to approach movement and habitual postures for sitting, lifting, and walking based on simple kinaesthetic cues and Pilates inspired principles.   Attendees will also gain a better understanding how to incorporate other practitioners work into their improvement and mainenance of good postural and movement habits as all the health modalities are involved in resolving dysfunctional posture and have effective and complementary approaches to aligning the structure, reducing inflammation, and rewiring kinetic and neural chains. 

Program between 1 - 3 sessions of 55 Minutes each

Ideally between 8 - 12 participants

$350+hst per session (2 sessions for $500) (includes workbook, assessment and simple program outline)

Pricing can be negotiated based on smaller or larger groups, or on a per person basis.